Duraloy Technologies has been producing High Temperature Alloys for over 80 years. Duraloy and it's associate company National Alloy were the original inventors of many of the alloys that have become industry standards. These alloys include the proprietary grades of heat resistant alloys called 22H®, Super 22H®, MO-RE® 1 and MO-RE® 2. Duraloy was the first company to modify the ACI grade HP by adding niobium to create the now widely used HP+Nb alloy.

And now, with the addition of the technology and alloys that came when we integrated Electroalloys into Duraloy Technologies, we can offer such well known heat resistant alloys as Supertherm®, and the TMA® family of heat resistant alloys.

Duraloy regularly produces all of the ACI corrosion and heat-resistant alloys, as well as a series of proprietary alloys that have enhanced high temperature properties.