Press platens are used to stabilize and support the forming die during the forming process. When finished and ready for installation in the press, platens have several large and several small diameter holes "deep hole" drilled through the length of the platen to allow heating coils and thermocouples to be inserted to heat the platen and monitor the process. They also have channels machined into the top surface to alloy for the "T-Bars" to be inserted to secure the die to the platen.

In many applications, the materials selected for the platens must have a low coefficient of thermal expansion to insure that the dies do not move during heat up and cool down.

Duraloy can supply these platens fully machined to print or in the as-cast condition for others to machine.


Duraloy is a major supplier of tooling for diffusion bonding, hot forming and superplastic forming (SPF) of titanium. Tooling is used to shape titanium to near-net finish for aerospace applications. Duraloy can provide tooling cast similar to shape with machine tolerances remaining or as a finished tooling product ready to be used for SPF.


These statically cast bolts are typically supplied as cast to the fabricator. The bolts are then machined and threaded to be mated up with a high alloy "nut" and are used to bolt the platen to the base of the press.

Pictured are as cast bolts, ready to be sent to the fabricator for machining.