Heat Treating


Duraloy produces a variety of radiant tube assemblies, like the "W"-Style assemblies shown here. Duraloy can produce "turn-key" fabrications, assemblies that are fully fabricated, including installation of the bung plates, bellows and ceramic fiber blankets. The bungs and ceramic blankets are wrapped in plastic to protect them during shipment and storage.


These small diameter (approx. 4" OD {102mm}) rolls are used in furnaces where the materials being transported have very little strength at temperature, like glass, aluminum, etc. The small diameter allows the rolls to be placed close together to provide much more support for the sheets or strips as they move through the furnace.


Duraloy produces heavy duty circular baskets and grids for pit carburizing furnaces.


Spiral retorts are used to heat treat a variety of small parts such as ball bearings, coins, nuts and bolts, and fasteners. Duraloy produces retorts in a variety of heat resistant alloys, depending on the application, heat treating environment and temperatures. The internal flights are cast integrally with the outer shell of the retort to eliminate hours of welding.